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Matthew 5:14 (NKJV) "You are the light of the world. A city that is set on a hill cannot be hidden".

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About Us


Focus on Christ Ministries was founded in 1997 by Dr. Ronnie and Pastor Beaulah Narasimooloo in Reservoir Hills.  Focus on Christ Ministries is in covenant partnership with Dr. S. Y. Govender, founder of ABC Ministries. The mandate of the church is based on Acts 2:42.

About us

Dr. Ronnie is the spiritual father of the church, bringing the church to the accurate position in God. Our foundation is based on Accurate Bible Concepts (ABC) that seeks to bring the church into the reformation of Christ.

Bible study

Each week we meet to break the word of God and sow seeds of His wisdom into our hearts. Unlocking the many mysteries of God, igniting the passion and zeal innate in us for God, helping us lead and live our lives more close and accurate to the Word of God.

Children’s Ministry

It is important to guard our children by teaching them the ways of God, showing them who they are in Christ, helping unlock their purposes and imparting the word of God at a basic level.

Who we are

Focus on Christ Ministries is under the Spiritual fathering of Dr. Ronnie Narasimooloo, together with Pastor Beaulah Narasimooloo; Dr. Cindy Narasimooloo; and Pastor Sashin Moodliar.

Dr. Ronnie Narasimoolloo

Dr. Ronnie Narasimooloo is determined to bring the church into maturity by building households of father and sons walking in covenant. Having many sons both locally and internationally, he is also a son of Dr. S.Y. Govender. A respected man of God whose lips never trembles to speak the Word of God.

Pastor Beaulah

Pastor Beaulah is the wife if Dr. Ronnie Narasimooloo. She holds a BTH degree and is especially dedicated to the relentless declaration of truth. A powerful woman of God, who always brings out the passion of Christ in her teachings, wise in her ways.

Dr. Cindy Narasimooloo

Dr. Cindy Narasimooloo is a medical practitioner, holding a variety of qualifications. Nothing surpasses her passion and dedication to the word of God, as she serves in the local house and international ministry as a faithful son and elder. She is a skilled teacher of the Word and a published author of many apostolic books.

Pastor Sashin Moodliar

Pastor Sashin is best regarded as a man after God’s own heart. He is an entrepreneur, father of three and dedicated elder in the local house and zealous travelling evangelist of the Word.


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 Beginnings Refreshing insights into the book of Genesis by Dr Cindy Narasimooloo


Contact Us

61 Derna Road

Reservoir Hills


South Africa


Sashin Moodliar








Banking details

Account name : Focus On Christ Ministries

Bank : Nedbank

Account number : 1352 041 006

Branch code : 164826

Sunday Service  9:00am

Tuesday  7:00pm

Sunday School 8:00am